The Ryhthm of Salsa Verde

The vibrancy and sabor of salsa verde take me back to the sandy beaches of our Tulum wedding. After our I-do’s, we were serenaded by the congas, guitar, and güiro of a local Carribean trio. I remember the feeling of being in a movie, where time stops but everything continues to swirl around us—the rhythm of the music, the chatter of our guests, the salud of champagne glasses, the waves smashing into the sand filling the air with fragrant sea salt. Un sueño.

It’s as if I just need to press play in order to continue watching. I often find myself swirling around my kitchen daydreaming of that perfect day, so proud of our blended family and my adopted Latin culture.

Salsa verde is spicy, titillating, robust, bold and full of flavor. It’s the marriage between tart tomatillos and spicy jalapeños, mellowed only by the sweetness of garlic and sea salt—a love story as passionate as the dance.